Learning to Write Software is Hard. Mentors Make it Easier

Getting your career started on the right foot is a challenge. So is levelling up your career from Junior-level to Mid-level. A good mentor can help you with both. You'll find our mentoring services to be competitively priced, flexible, and tailored to the needs of students and Junior developers. Some common areas where we can help are:

Common Mistakes

Are your methods too long? Is your code DRY? Are you using single-letter variables outside of loops? Is recursion spinning you in circles? Is your Big O too big? From anti-patterns and patterns to formatting and white-space, we can help you see where your code can be better, more readable, and easier to maintain.

Debugging Techniques

Debugging is a skill that quickly becomes invaluable. Doing it well can get you noticed quickly, and for the right reasons. We can help teach you the necessary techniques and a few tricks that can make you the go-to person on your team.

Testing and Automation

Unit tests are an insurance policy on your code. Without them, changes and refactoring are a guessing game. With them, you have a clear insight into what the expected out come should be and when it isn't happening. We can help you write effective tests that are not brittle and use mocks to truly isolate what is being tested.

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